Uzumakihime's 1 year anniversary FF!

❀—- It’s been one year full of awesome things in this blog and it’s all thanks to you guys! As part of that big thank you and celebration, here is the third and final ‘gift’ in honor of the anniversary! These blogs listed here are the ones that have been with Mito from the start, the ones that have supported the blog, that have contributed to it, that have earned a special place, and just the ones that are simply awesome. They won’t be posted in any particular order (I will start with the ones I’ve been following for the longest, to the most recent ones) but the bold ones are the blogs that have somehow come to mean something special for both mun and muse!

Follow all of these amazing blogs!

karyuu-no-houprincess-madaraamaryllis-drifts strawberrysakuraanamelessshinobiblishhedashatteredcrownyondammnnmikeilomaddyragequitsthatsassysenjumitouzumakiiu-zumakikushinaaskmadahashisenju-swagluthielkaeylsordidsensorydrinkingwiththehokagethe-lunar-lightspiritwithinthesandmadara-dancing-queenfloribusvirentgreatharmonyhashimadak1dekikushimaki the-teal-lotussenkouhrenaerys aciies naru-uzumaki kunaihimeteme-kunuchihasmirror madaranookaminothatsmytree gonnabehokageuchiha-izuna-the-clan-war-guyleavesoftoka shikisaii doctor-queenieuchiha-oyaji wisteria-wind millenialriver lilithkissmalignedaffairsyumiya-no-michi hakai-no-arashi not-so-godofshinobi girlofbluefirefireeaglespirit ootsutsukikaguya-himeoneofunbendingwillchatte-georgiana faiyuuhi indomitisignis noldien warringuchihanxboru itachis-homieshinosaysindomitable—flamesshodai—senju kaminoraijuuthatothersenjubrother murasakiirohanahalloushinxtathe-whirlpool-lady uchihakami ita-ita-senjublossomkunoichimalevolentiasundeadnidaimefukutsuno

Those are it! I shouldn’t have forgotten anyone. Also for those of you who missed them, here is the link of the Mun Q&A Video and the Giveaway Winners! Thank you all so much for all you’ve done and for following this blog! It’s you guys that make this all so great. Stay Awesome, love you all! 

The art used of Mito Uzumaki belongs to me.

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Your Pokemon egg is about to hatch!

Everyone who REBLOGS this will get a Pokemon in their SUBMIT BOX

I PRMOISE I will send a Pokemon to EVERYONE who reblogs this

A randomizer will determine what Pokemon you get.

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“But I feel like [the Rin we see now] is the real Rin—that this is the Rin he would’ve grown into if, as a child, he hadn’t gotten lost the way he did and had grown up normally. Rather, the Season 1 Rin was an outlier.” (x)

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This will literally make your day

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Free! ES ep3 made me so happy !!! Rei-chan is so precious and magical, please never change ! and keep making nutritious cookies please XD

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