Anonymous inquired:
It's Rei, dumbfuck.

Excuse me?

(wat r u even talking ‘bout rude anon)

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oh rlly i wonder what that was 

that he forgot the condom ?

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They were too lazy to move to the bed.



Senju bros :)

And they say they don’t look alike



it’s not I mean it’s impossible they have to have lost a bet it’s not IT’S UGLY okay I am not okay with this NO NO NO

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Rurouni Kenshin fics (FF only)

Love is a Laserquest - discontinued. Inspired by ArcticMonkeys. KenKao

And You and I - OS. Fireflees scene.

Les 7 légendes de Choshu - OS, KenTomo, angst, magical AU. FRENCH

Rurouni Kenshin featuring... - PURE CRACK where I entered the rk world with Ebichu the hamster and tried to find a husband. Discontinued

These were my first works in English so it’s kinda shitty I guess…


Five Steps - OS, angsty (Ao3 - FF)

Le bruits des vagues - OS Explicit mention of Ereri(disfunctional) FRENCH (FF)

Hormones - Hiatus, explicit, FRENCH 1er personne POV. (FF)

(fiou I never thought I’d posted that much Eremin tbh)

Mitoka drabble (YAY THE WAIFU SHIP)

For the little stories we wre playing at “can you write a drabble for that crack ship I dare you” and I got mitoka (mito + toka) and I made the waifu ship it so I’m pretty proud haha.

Also, contant hinted HashiMada and disfunctional HashiMito.

If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot - inspired by Arctic Monkays again XD. (FF)

Chopsticks - (FF)

Made of Silk - (FF)



(I never thought I wrote that much O_o)

Because hey that’s really practical to have all in a single post !


The hat - M. crack, Madara doesn’t like the Hokage hat, mention of alcohol and of cheese intolerance. (FF - Ao3)

The War Restaurant AU - pure crack. Izuna is a lil shit. Tobirama is the only sane one. (FF - Ao3)

Parodies de Chapitre - FRENCH, prédiction humoristique avant la sortie des scans. (620 621 622 623)

Goose bumps - kinda fluff, kinda angsty. Old hashimada. (FF)

Le visiteur - FRENCH (FF)

The thing that I didn’t remember I wrote. Hashimada as Sasusaku matchmaker.

The three sentences things : Western AU and what if AU.

Iron (1 and 2) - BDSM Hashimada WARNINGS it’s kinda sick


The long stories I’ll never be able to finish because of reasons - don’t kill me please.

Who the fuck is Madara Uchiha - My first. Inspired by arctic monkeys. Song fic kina XD Discontinued. (FF)

Projet Mab’terra : Prologue and Part One. FRENCH. On hiatus. Translation on hiatus too. Here is the translate prologue version.

Primum non nocere - Doctors AU. (Ao3 - FF)

A message in a Bottle - Still writing it, it’s like 100k now but i’ll wait till it’s over. Ocean AU. Mermaid/Siren AU.




I went through 30 pages of my hashimada tag but it was wroth it - and quite enjoyable XD

Here is a post where I’ve gathered all of my RinHaru works. Feel free to use the links but it’s also a way for me to find them more quickly.

Short Drabbles  (OS) in chronological order. Some inspired by freeiwa_daily challenges.

Little stories about how much I love you - G, fluff. (On Ao3)

Miscalculation. Minor angsy. Sousuke POV. Inspired by the OP. (alone on FF only)

The swimsuit - fluff, crack. Makoto POV (Ao3 - FF)

Injury - fluff, bridal style 100m run (Ao3)

Footprints - fluff, anniversary (Ao3)

More longer stories, classed from ‘a little big Angsty' to 'I cried so much I died of dehydration.'

Pretty mornings - drunk!Haru, jealous!Haru, dork!Haru. Mention of alcohol. OS. (Ao3 - FF)

Married Couple - Locker rooms Olympic!Rin, Olympic!Haru ?? some angst. Written for Harubirthdaybash. OS. (Ao3 - FF)

Everything is Fine - One sided?, makoto the mastermind, some angst, open ending. OS? (Ao3 - FF) (not available on my tumblr infortunately???)

The Surge - do we need to talk about it? I am Satan (Ao3 - FF)



I’ll actualize that when I’ll think about it, probably XD

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